All you need to know about XTAG Fusion Pools on Raydium

Raydium Fusion Pool

xTaggers, we’ve got some great news! Raydium has accepted the XTAG token into their Fusion program. This means users can provide liquidity to the XTAG/USDC pair, in return for incentives.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to add liquidity to Raydium’s Fusion Pools:

Step 1: Go to

Search for XTAG under the “Raydium Pools” tab and click on click on the “XTAG-USDC pair”


Step 2: Add liquidity to the pool

Here, you can enter the amount of liquidity you wish to provide. If you don’t have enough XTAG or USDC, check the glossary at the end of this article to find out how to swap XTAG to USDC or vice-versa.

After entering the amount that you wish, click on “Supply”.

You will then need to “Approve” the transaction in your wallet.

If your transaction is successful, you will see an “Unknown Token” displayed in your wallet. This is your LP token (Liquidity Provider Token), which is ready to be staked.


Step 3: Stake your LP Tokens

Click on the “Farms” tab on the header and select “Fusion” pools from the sub-tab. You’ll find the “XTAG-USDC LP” farming pool. This is where we will be staking our LP Token.

Click on “Stake LP” button, and click on “MAX” to stake all your LP Tokens, and then click on “Confirm” and approve the transaction in your wallet.

Once the transaction is successful, you’ll see the rewards being accumulated, which can be claimed anytime by simply clicking on the “Harvest” button.



How to Swap $XTAG:

If you have only 1 asset (XTAG or USDC), you can swap 50% of it for another by clicking on the SWAP button on the header.

Choose the “From” asset as XTAG or USDC, depending on which one you want to swap from. Click on “HALF” button to swap 50% of your XTAG holding to USDC or vice versa. Click on “Swap” button, approve the transaction on your wallet (make sure you have enough SOL for the gas fee) and you should now have enough of both assets to add liquidity to the fusion pool.

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