Alpha testing of the EYWA platform. Stage 4 PRO mode. Ethereum Rinkeby — Avalanche Fuji Testnet.


Dear users!

🔥 Today, on December 2, we are launching the next network pair for the Stage 4 PRO mode of the EYWA platform alpha testing: Ethereum Rinkeby — Avalanche Testnet Network combination 🔥

Stage 4 PRO mode includes completing all of the first 4 tasks in the above mentioned network combination: Ethereum Rinkeby — Avalanche Testnet Network.

🌟 You will receive 160 points for completing all the test tasks of the Stage 4 PRO mode:

✔️ Task 1–10 points (Mint)
✔️ Task 2–30 points (Bridge)
✔️ Task 3–40 points (Swap)
✔️ Task 4–80 points (Adding liquidity)

Assignments are available on both PC and mobile devices.

🔸 To complete Step 4 PRO mode, go to Telegram Bot and click
🧑‍🚀 PRO mode.

Please only use our official Telegram Bot to complete the alpha test tasks.

Thank you, Team