Aurox Lend x Polygon = Faster, More Affordable Smart Contract Fees


Press Release | CoinTelegraph | Decrypt

Built by traders, for traders. . . that was the guiding ethos behind Aurox. And what does our community of traders want? Faster trading with more affordable smart contracts.

That why we are proud to announce that Aurox Lend will be deployed on the Polygon PoS network — meaning faster, more affordable smart contracts for everyone.

As many of you know, decentralized lending protocols currently operate independently, meaning traders have to first borrow assets from a lending protocol and then transfer those assets to a centralized exchange or utilize them on a decentralized exchange.

This is a terrible user experience. But it also creates a risk of missed trades and could even mean lenders lose profits to middlemen who arbitrage interest rates for their own profit.

By integrating Aurox smart contracts on Polygon, Aurox users will now be able to borrow and trade simultaneously while taking advantage of lower fees. When fully completed, the integration with Polygon will ultimately allow Aurox Lend to process transactions faster and deliver higher interest rates to investors.

Polygon delivers exactly the kind of cutting-edge functionality we want to provide to Aurox Nation. Together, Aurox and Polygon will offer faster transactions with higher interest rates and drive their rapid, organic growth.

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