DCI Capital Partners up with Firework Games


DCI Capital is thrilled to announce that it’s partnering up with Firework Games. THE Launching platform for high quality Blockchain Games, that will release its first long awaited game really soon!

Firework Games
Firework Games is a decentralized self-developed launching platform of blockchain games, aims to provide feasible ways for gamers worldwide to participate in blockchain games, as well as developing a bridging interface from traditional games to blockchain games. Their vision is to connect and lower the difficulty for beginner developers to start their journey in blockchain games, and to offer assistance for the transition of traditional game industry to evolve into blockchain based games.

Firework Games offers gamers worldwide to enjoy our game while accumulating real world value. The in-game assets of all the games developed by Firework Games will be delivered to the gamers as Non-fungible Token(NFT) assets. Gamers can fully control the assets they purchase and reap the real benefits by extracting the virtual in-game revenue into the real revenue.

Promotional material for their first game “Spark Era”

About the Partnership
DCI Capital is a highly active investor in the Metaverse, Blockchain Gaming & DeFi Sectors. We believe that FireWork Games makes for a great addition to our portfolio with the upcoming qualitative games they will be releasing soon such as Spark Era! The level of quality they are striving to deliver is something that really inspires us and will hopefully up the standards in the Blockchain gaming sector as a whole!

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