Epik Prime is now on KuCoin!


Epik is the leading NFT project working with triple-A game companies and giant entertainment brands that produces the world’s premium in-game experiences, digital items and more.

Since launching in early 2018, Epik has grown to become the global leading digital licensing agency and has built the largest enterprise blockchain ecosystem in the world, with over 300+ gaming, crypto, and metaverse clients.

The opportunity for Epik grows exponentially each day as the mainstream wakes up to the power of NFTs, the understanding that IP is an integral part of consumer interests even in digital, and that we have a seismic opportunity as industries shift toward the metaverse.

Epik Prime sits in an incredible position as we sit at the intersection of gaming, NFT, IP, and metaverses. Epik is primed (pardon the pun) to be a titan in the industry.

To fuel this growing interest and demand, and to further make $EPIK, the native token for EPIK Prime, accessible to more users around the world, Epik is excited to announce that the $EPIK token will now be available on KuCoin Exchange.

Direct link to EPIK/USDT pair here.

This follows previous successful $EPIK launches on Huobi Global as a Prime listing, PancakeSwap, and Uniswap.

What is Epik Prime?

EPIK Prime is a loyalty reward membership program that grants access to better quality in-game and NFT items to its members, special benefits like pre-ordering and reserving items before the public, and all Prime members have a chance to win NFT rewards.

When you buy and own $EPIK, you get access to these exclusive rewards and benefits, plus access to rare NFT drops.

More details can be found on our website at: www.epikprime.com/token

KuCoin Listing

KuCoin is a top-tier cryptocurrency exchange and is consistently ranked in the top 7 on both CoinMarketCap and Coingecko. Launched in September 2017, KuCoin has grown to become one of the most popular crypto exchanges and already has 8 million registered users across 207 countries and regions around the world. They offer the most advanced level of security and a selection of nearly 400 cryptocurrencies. It is a beginner-friendly exchange with an easy-to-use interface and has one of the best things about KuCoin is that it has the lowest fees in the crypto industry.

Listing Promotions

To celebrate the listing of $EPIK on KuCoin, we created an interactive Listing Campaign worth $50,000 worth in EPIK tokens.

The campaigns run from December 3rd and end on December 10th, 2021.

The Listing Campaign will be divided into three (3) activities with a corresponding prize pool and multiple winners.

Activity 1: The EPIK & KuCoin Lucky Draw

Prize Pool: worth $10,000 in EPIK tokens

Who can qualify? Only users who have an EPIK net deposit (average deposits and withdrawals) reaching 200 EPIK on KuCoin have the chance to split a prize pool of $10,000 worth of EPIK! KuCoin will randomly choose 200 lucky users, each lucky user will get $50 in EPIK.

Activity 2: Net Buying Competition

Prize Pool: worth $30,000 in EPIK tokens

Who can qualify? Only users who have an EPIK net buying volume (average buys, sells & withdrawals) reaching 1,000 EPIK on KuCoin will win a share of $30,000 worth of EPIK prize pool! At least 30+ qualified users will be sharing the allocated EPIK prize pool.

Activity 3: Participation Rewards

Prize Pool: worth $10,000 in EPIK tokens

Who can qualify? Only users who have a net buying volume of 100 EPIK and have added the EPIK trading pairs to their favorite list can qualify to win $10,000 worth in EPIK prize pool. The prize pool will be evenly split depending on the number of qualified winners.

All the rewards from the prize pool will be distributed within seven (7) working days after the duration of the listing campaign. All prizes will be distributed automatically to the users’ KuCoin main accounts.

Link to KuCoin listing announcement here
Link to KuCoin listing carnival here

If you’re new to KuCoin and want to explore more about this exchange, check out their informative blog page, as well as their support page.

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