How to buy Sheep Game NFTs — aWOOL & AVAX on the Avalanche Network (PART 2)

  1. Good Luck!

Getting Funds To Your Wallet

There are two ways to get funds to your wallet.

1. Cross the Avalanche Bridge

To send funds across the Avalanche bridge, go to and select the token you wish to send across. You must have enough ETH in your wallet to fund the transaction across the bridge. Remember to leave a small amount for the gas fee.

After both the Ethereum and Avalanchehave completed confirmations, go to Trader Joe where you will be able to trade aWOOL for AVAX.

Make sure your Metamask is on the Avalanche network.

2. Trade tokens that you own for AVAX on a centralized exchange

Another way to transfer funds to the Avalanche network is to swap tokens you own for AVAX on a centralized exchange that hosts AVAX.

The video tutorial at the top of the article will take you through the process on Coinbase.

Just click the ‘Send/Receive’ button on Coinbase, select the desired AVAX amount, copy and paste your Avalanche network wallet address and confirm to send.

Phew! Great job getting all the way here.

With that out of the way, let’s get you some aWOOL!

Buying aWOOL

You can purchase aWOOL to play Sheep Game now that you have AVAX and your Avalanche wallet.

Note: You will be able to mint Land with AVAX in the upcoming Land Launch.

Go to and click on the Trade tab.

Select AVAX and aWOOL to swap.

aWOOL will not appear in your wallet unless you’ve added it as a custom token.

Copy this AWOOL token address: 0x5eDE350E84223fb50775fD91a723F2ca71034cf7

Click on your Metamask extension in the top right corner, confirm you are on the Assets tab and select Import Tokens.

Copy and paste the token address into Metamask and the other fields will auto-populate. Then Select “Add Custom Token”

Now, you’re ready to mint some NFTs.

Buying Sheep Game NFT

So your Metamask wallet is ready, you’ve loaded up some aWOOL or AVAX and you’re ready to be a proud owner?

Go to by selecting the ‘CONNECT METAMASK’ on the main page.

When you click the ‘CONNECT METAMASK’ button, you’ll need to connect your wallet to access your Profile, by clicking the circle icon at the top of the page, then connecting your Metamask, or chosen wallet.

Sheep Game Land Launch date is scheduled on Friday, Dec 3rd, 11:00 PM UTC (3:00 PM PST)

Contract Verification

For added safety, you can also check the Contract Address under your Sheep Game NFT to make sure it’s official.

This will take you to an Avascan page, where you can see the Official aWOOL statistics.

You should also make sure you have enough aWOOL or AVAX in your wallet for the price of your Sheep Game NFT and the amount leftover for Gas Fees.

Gas Fees

Avalanche charges users a Gas Fee: a fee added to your transaction, used to execute functions like buying and selling, transferring items, or changing your metadata.

Due to the rapid growth of the Avalanche blockchain and the high volume of transactions they process, Gas Fees can be volatile. They will vary based on the capacity the network is running at, and the complexity of the contract you are processing.

The key message here is to ensure you have a bit of extra AVAX on hand to cover the transaction cost when you go to buy your Sheep Game NFT.

Good Luck!

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