Introducing AgeOfGods


AgeOfGods is a casual NFT RPG Action Card Game. Players build up a personalized team of Gods and level up with the unique Awards auto farming system.

AgeOfGods is an AFKArena inspired game that uses the fundamentals of the 6.6 million‼️ player count success story and combining it with a Blockchain Token economy and Play-to-Earn, Idle Game mechanics. Developed by a Premier Game Studio, the Next-Gen Action NFT Card Game is here!

Start or join a guild, Progress through challenges and level up, Craft NFT Gear, Climb the Arena ladder, Battle other players in PVP, Participate in global Tournaments while earning Token rewards to earn Passive income.

AgeOfGods functions on it the native AOG token which can be used to level-up Gods, purchase Gear and In-Game items, Staking and much more.

100% of the revenue made will be used to buy and burn tokens from the Market, revenue streams include an In-Game store, NFT Marketplace, Merchandise, E-Sports betting and Affiliate Partnerships.

Incubated by:
Oddiyana Venture