Join & Vote for 200,000 $ REI Giveaway & Voting Carnival for GXChain-REI Proposal

  1. What is REI Network?
  2. EVENT 1: Join and referral = 100,000 REI = 10,000 GXC

What is REI Network?

The brand name of GXChain comes from its historical mission since its inception in 2017 — to build a network of value for trusted data — and the updated GXChain has a wider scope to do so. To this end, it is compatible with EVM, introduces a slashing module, creates a free development platform, and will also have a new brand name — REI Network.

The conversion of the main network’s native tokens from GXC to REI will follow a 1:10 split rule, and the maximum supply of REI will be 1 billion.

In the future, the REI Network as a whole will reach new peak levels of usage and play a distinctive and essential role in a fuller range of usage scenarios

📣 Giveaway Campaign

EVENT 1: Join and referral = 100,000 REI = 10,000 GXC

For all the steps please follow the giveaway bot in Telegram @REINetworkBot


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🌱 EVENT 2: Voting to share 100,000 REI!

100,000 REI = 10,000 GXC!

  1. The proposal of #Governance Proposal: From GXChain 2.0 to REI Network has been launched
  2. Participate in voting during the voting period, whatever “Yes” or “No” Once you voted, you can divide up 10,000 GXC according,

Proposal Page👇

3. Distribution Rules:

The only rule for the proportion of individual address votes is in the final total votes.

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GXChain 2.0 is an EVM-compatible public blockchain. As an Ethereum para chain, it owns the features of lightweight, free and dev-friendly. GXChain 2.0 is to effectively solve the current high cost and low-efficiency problems of public chains. Therefore, GXChain can achieve free, low-cost development, and rapid migration of applications, and can be shared and symbiotic with the EVM ecosystem, also supporting the development of Defi, GameFi, and NFT.

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