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*UPDATE: The Public Sale is officially OVER! We want to thank everyone who joined us and participated in the sale. To check out the results, please visit

We’re off! It’s been some busy days, but we’re happy to say that the Lumerin Public Sale is now up and running!

We’ll continue to release updates throughout the sale. Still 6 days to go!

All of you who registered and completed the KYC process with success are now able to join the sale. In this article, we’ll explain how to do it.

In this article you’ll find:

  • A guide on how to join and participate in the token sale.
  • A guide on how to correctly provide payments for Lumerin tokens.
  • Information about different purchasing options available.
  • Lumerin tokenomics overview.


  • Patiently and carefully complete the payment flow.
  • Choose between the different tranches/options according to your preferences. You will find the details below. Be aware that one or more of these options may already be sold out.
  • The public sale will be open until Wednesday, December 8, 2:59:59 PM (UTC); or until all 90,000,000 tokens are sold out.

Please, remember that this TL;DR is only a summary. If you’ve got any questions or would like to know more about the sale, continue reading below.

Lumerin Public Sale format

The Lumerin Public Sale is held on the Tokensoft platform, which offers the community a fair and transparent option to buy Lumerin tokens.

It is now open and will continue until Wednesday, December 8, 2:59:59 PM (UTC), or until all tokens are sold out.

The current amount of Lumerin tokens available for sale is 90,000,000, split into 3 different purchasing options (more information below). Please be aware that one or more options may be unavailable due to it being sold out.

The waiting room

Depending on the amount of people trying to participate in the sale, you may be redirected into a waiting room. You will be assigned a ticket number with an estimated waiting time.

Once your number is called, you’ll have 30 minutes to make a payment before your session expires.

Follow the prompts and complete the process as quickly as you can to avoid any problems caused by delays or slow internet connection.

The rule of one

  • One user: Do not try to login with multiple accounts (if more than one family member in a household is participating use a different device).
  • One device: Do not switch devices, the device you join the waiting room with should be the device you use to purchase. We recommend using a desktop PC and/or laptop. If you can, avoid using a mobile device.
  • One browser: Do not attempt opening multiple sessions or refreshing.
  • Users can buy tokens from all three options, but only once per option. If you try to participate in one round more than once, your Tokensoft account will be flagged and you could lose your entire allocation.


Individuals will be able to provide payment in the following coins/tokens:

  • USDT
  • USDC
  • ETH
  • DAI
  • DOT

MetaMask and/or WalletConnect connection:

  • The wallet you connect to pay from must be unique to you. If it is associated with any other email address in the Tokensoft system, you will receive an error. Exchange and other custodial wallets are not supported.
  • You must have enough funds in your wallet for the payment and ETH gas/transaction fees prior to connecting your wallet.
  • You can use the recommended ETH gas amount or speed up the transaction with more. We do not recommend that you lower the ETH gas price, as your transaction may fail.

Special considerations regarding payments:

  • Lumerin token receive address: The address you use to pay for Lumerin tokens is ideal as the address that will receive the Lumerin also. You can, however, enter another one.
  • Direct payments to our contract outside of Tokensoft are not recoverable and will result in lost funds.
  • Payments directly from exchanges are not supported and will result in lost funds.

Tokensoft tranches

There are three different tranches of tokens at $0.25, $0.35, and $0.45 with varying lockups and vesting schedules. Individuals will be able to choose the option they feel most comfortable with according to their preferences.

Tranche/Option 1

  • Price: $0.25 per token
  • 15% unlocked upon token launch (after Public Sale)
  • Remaining 85% of the tokens are locked up for 2 months
  • Vesting: Over the following 4 months, releasing 21.25% per month
  • Total lock-up until 100% released: 6 months

This tranche has a lower price, higher maximum, and the longest lockup — this is to ensure a healthy token release schedule for the community.

Tranche/Option 2

  • Price: $0.35 per token
  • 25% unlocked upon token launch (after Public Sale)
  • Remaining 75% of the tokens are locked up for 1 month
  • Vesting: Over the following 2 months, releasing 35.5% per month
  • Total lock-up until 100% released: 3 months

Tranche/Option 3

  • Price: $0.45 per token
  • 100% unlocked upon token launch (after Public Sale)
  • No vesting or lock-up periods
  • Purchase cap: $10,000

This tranche has the highest price and no lockup but each individual is capped at $10,000 to ensure a healthy release schedule for the community.

Users can buy tokens from all three options, but only once per option.

After your purchase, you should receive a receipt email in 1–2 hours. However, don’t worry if you don’t, as there can be delays depending on volume. If your payment transaction is confirmed on-chain, you’re all set. You’ll receive the receipt email in the following hours (remember to check your spam folder!).

Special considerations regarding payments:

  • Please, be aware of the minimums and maximum purchase amounts.
  • We will not be issuing refunds for any amount below the minimum and above the maximum. Any amount sent below or above the purchase limits will be sent directly to Lumerin’s Corporate Treasury.
  • A snapshot of ETH prices will be taken on a per hour basis.
  • One or more of these options may be sold out.

If you don’t receive your Lumerin tokens after you make the purchase, don’t panic. The purchased Lumerin tokens will be paid to buyers’ wallets after the public sale and according to the option(s) you selected.

Lumerin tokenomics

The Lumerin Public Sale is a public offering of 90,000,000 (90 million) Lumerin tokens, which represent 9% of the total token supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens (1 billion).

Founders token allocation

25% of the total supply (250,000,000) will be allocated to Titan.

Of this, 20% will be kept in Titan’s Corporate Treasury. The other 5% will be released to the team with a 6 month lockup and 24 month vesting thereafter.

Token release schedule

The token launch, which will release the first Lumerin tokens into circulation, will take place in January 2022.

You will be able to check out circulating supply through the Lumerin token smart contract.

Note that these numbers are approximate and subject to change with or without notification. Please keep in mind that the months may change slightly as the launch date is still TBA.

To ensure a fair market price and avoid dumping, we have determined a strict token release schedule, which will increase the circulating supply gradually over the next 10 years.

By progressively unlocking the total supply, we will prevent high selling pressure and token dumps.

Do you have any questions?

All Lumerin token sale questions will be addressed via the Lumerin Telegram channel. In case you need help, remember:

  • Do not accept any help from anyone except the admins.
  • Do not respond to direct messages.
  • Do not follow any unusual links or emails.
  • Please, be patient with the team.

For more information, go to the Lumerin Token Sale page:

Also check out the Tokensoft FAQ.