The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Bonk — DogeBonk November In Review


November 2021 has been a month of incredible growth for DogeBonk and its community of bonkers. From a market cap of under $10 million to a peak of nearly $225 million, DogeBonk has performed well on the charts and in the intangible world of memes.

While most $DOBO holders will stare the charts every day, the real performance to measure is the growth of DogeBonk across social media and the enthusiasm of its existing base of holders. In both of these categories, DogeBonk has already attained numbers the vast majority of memecoins can only dream of. In this article, we will provide a quick summary of the major growth and accomplishments of DogeBonk across the internet and within its own community.

Social Media

On Reddit, r/DogeBonk was in the top 10 for monthly growth for nearly the entire month of November. This applies to all subReddits. This may be the most impressive statistic for DogeBonk’s growth over November 2021. The Reddit crypto community is known for its hardcore devotion and enthusiasm, and establishing a major userbase on Reddit will prove to be a cornerstore for DOBO’s continued growth. At the end of November, r/DogeBonk grew to over 6,500 members, making it one of the fastest growing crypto subReddits on the site.

r/DogeBonk user statistics as of December 1st, 2021

Twitter analytics are more difficult to track, but any of the popular DogeBonk Twitter accounts would probably vouch that the Twitter presence has been steadily growing, with more likes, retweets, and comments coming with each week.

One possible way to judge the Twitter growth is to list some of the figures that have mentioned DogeBonk or tweeted about it. While not explicitly a DogeBonk token reference, the popular toy-maker youtooz (1.1 million followers) announced a DogeBonk toy on November 8th and had one of their best performing Tweets for the month in terms of user engagement.

The token itself has been mentioned by numerous accounts with large followings or interesting niches related to cryptocurrency. On the front of typical crypto-Twitter influencers, Crypto Messiah (152k followers) has managed to tweet about DogeBonk multiple times. There have also been mentions from important people inside of the crypto space, including BitMEX Founder Arthur Hayes*, MIT Research Analyst & founder of ZCash Madars Virza of the MIT Digital Currency Initiative, Japanese entrepreneur & former director of MIT Media Lab Joi Ito, as well as co-founder of Vizer Dylan Barbour.

*Arthur Hayes mentioned DogeBonk a second time in a blog post found here.

Arthur Hayes, Co-founder of 100x & BitMEX

How this assortment of crypto standouts has come to know and tweet about DogeBonk while it was under $150 market cap is unknown, but their acknowledgement of the community strengthens the argument that there is a special something with DogeBonk that cannot be artificially replicated. The common sense argument for DogeBonk doubters would be to question whether they have a better understanding of cryptocurrency and society than the resumes of these men.

Former director of MIT Media Lab, venture capitalist, former visiting professor at Harvard Law School, and noted bonker Joi Ito

Additionally, over the course of DogeBonk’s first centralized exchange listing on BKEX, DogeBonk performed the best with its 30 Day Change amidst a trading competition announced by listing manager (and DOBO holder) Gary_BKEX.


Cryptocurrency is always a hot topic in the media and DogeBonk has begun to get some attention there as well. The UK’s 8th largest newspaper by circulation, The Daily Express, published two articles about DogeBonk during the month — Shiba Inu Under Direct Attack by Rival ‘Anti-Memecoin’ That Has Soared 21,000x in Last Month, and Shib Army Rage At Rival ‘Anti-Memecoin’ As Global Ad Campaign Sees 7000% Price Surge. It is worth noting the #ShibArmyRage trended on Twitter the week after the second article was published, with some pro-SHIB Twitter accounts using it to express their distaste with the current state of the (formerly) Top 10 cryptocurrency.

Additionally, published an article about the state of memecoins and made sure to point out the incredible growth of DogeBonk compared to its peers — Meme Coin Market Cap Loses 3.5%, Top 2 Leaders Dogecoin, Shiba Inu Shed Billions.

DogeBonk was the top-performing “meme-based asset” for multiple weeks in November —

Holder Growth

At the end of the day, the success of a cryptocurrency is best measured by the amount of people holding it. For DogeBonk, the month of November saw explosive growth from 12k holders on November first up to nearly 35k on November 30th, an increase of nearly 200%. These holders have also shown their willingness to spread their enthusiasm for DogeBonk, regularly appearing in the top 5 coins shilled, according to The DOBO community has been vocal about its opposition to the use of any bots, which makes this feat even more impressive!

DogeBonk is a staple on the Top 5 most-shilled coins (without the use of bots)

The raw numbers of DogeBonk show that the team is building more than just another memecoin. They are building an engaged community that thrives on memes and fun. The community has self-organized on platforms beyond Reddit, Telegram, and Twitter, including a Discord server, a Minecraft/Bonkcraft server, Twitch channels, and numerous Instagram accounts that post DogeBonk memes daily. DogeBonk is extending beyond its original roots and breaking new grounds on a growing number of platforms.